Dong Dong Never Die Dong Dong Never Die

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The craziest Chinese battles in history!

Version: Final
Licence: Free
Publisher: eb enterbrain

Game screenshots:

Dong Dong Never Die
Dong Dong Never Die
Dong Dong Never Die

Dong Dong Never Die description:

Dong Dong Never dying fighting game with 2D fighters I have ever seen in my life the most rare.
Super Mario with a Chinese Lolita afro hair, a prayer, and even we can find.
Each character has different styles and your own kick, punch and special moves.
If you choose to throw the mushrooms in Super Mario, but the other characters, using an umbrella, or any other crazy moves you can use weapons enlarge.
Settings custom always received from streets of rage and Super Mario motion or directly in the scenario of the original ones we can fight.
Dong Dong Never die it’s funny that it is so, therefore we suggest. Don’t worry about Chinese language, just press Enter and continue.

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