Dofus Arena Dofus Arena

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Become the greatest master of Amakna!

Version: 2.70.9
Licence: Free
Publisher: Ankama Studio

Game screenshots:

Dofus Arena

Dofus Arena description:

Fight the system “based on known and famous” arena for player vs player tactical battles adapted version.
At first, each player must hide many surprises in the arena fighting-1 or 2—2 Mode 1 before you face opponents, spells, weapons and items you need to create a team of characters armed with.
“- And a new version of the classic Arena for a successful game. “10 in the arena€™s ultimate, it’s not like a team. A player can win with the team the various types of. Damage bonus and malus are expressed.
Frankly, the aim of the game ” be the first arena in the ladder, ’look at the largest card you earn with coach!

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