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A dungeon filled with voxels and other kindly creatures!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Kickstock

Game screenshots:


Discoverie description:

Discoveries the player who is armed with a crossbow, filled with strange creatures out of the dungeon to try to get control of a character where a first-person action game.
Players only one weapon, the Crossbow will be, but infinite ammo or arrows that never has to re-pull, you won’t have to worry about. Instead, the enemy is not, of course, some creatures like crazy despite being * shoot everything that moves“.
You locked the exit from the dungeon that corresponds to where it is you will need a set of keys to open the doors. You’ll have to shoot the pictures and you can also find other types of objects behind the keys.
Hero starts the game with six lives and every time a creature hits the loser. If you can get to zero to start from the beginning… your life up to this point, don’t lose all the keys obtained.
The main strong point discoveries gorgeous graphics ‘design-portable’ touch with a first-person action game. It’s dark lighting, especially the brightness, but the multi-colored world on voxel effects.

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