Dirty Bit X Dirty Bit X

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Extremely funny revision of the classic Pong!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Ignis

Game screenshots:

Dirty Bit X
Dirty Bit X
Dirty Bit X

Dirty Bit X description:

Windjammers arcade classic Pong and the legendary dirty bit X is a mixture of.
This time you can move front to back, but is very similar to playing Pong. In addition, when you touch the ball for a faster start, Press the power button.
Each time we do this, the power bar will load up a bit, and eventually you will be able to start a fire special.
Medium strength and medium agility is the fastest but fragile girl, a big and strong guy, or the guy choose the character you like.
During the game, the only difference between them will be the thickness of the sbar.
Dirty bit x two game modes: vs computer, and includes other players who use the same computer, Etc. The first game mode, although it can be funny, Dirty Bit, X to play against a friend to see his face when he won it in a really funny way.

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