Digital PaintBall Digital PaintBall

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Enjoy a round of paintball without ever leaving your home!

Version: 2.0 Alpha Build 21
Licence: Free
Publisher: Digital Paint

Game screenshots:

Digital PaintBall
Digital PaintBall
Digital PaintBall

Digital PaintBall description:

At the end of a full digital PaintBall, a free game developed for the old Quake mod.
Paintball balls with paint using a regulation weapon designed specifically for the purpose of it is to shoot the enemies. Thus, the single-player option, multiplayer first-person game.
The use of the internet, you can connect yourself on dozens created by other players in the match. Character traits and choose his weapon and start playing. Only the most skilled will survive in soils and paint.
Existing digital Paintball game modes, there are the usual modes you find this kind of game: the flag, elimination, deathmatch, catch etc.

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