Dictado y memoria musical Dictado y memoria musical

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Improve your musical memory with this curious game!

Licence: Trial
Publisher: Terre Mouvante Cie & A. Guerfi

Game screenshots:

Dictado y memoria musical

Dictado y memoria musical description:

(Musical memory and dictation) Dictado & auditory with the recognition of different musical pitches Memorial musical capacity provides users a fun way to improve.
Game<a pentagram that appears to identify notes using the piano keys or the guitar neck, consists of two parts:
– musical dictation is divided into.br />- the second section, speaking of the gameĀ™, you must follow a succession of musical notes without making a single mistake, or you’ll have to start all over again, he says, would be similar to Simon.
You will receive notification if both are in the game, plus there are various setting options for both.
Dictado & passionate musicians his own memory for Memorial musical and stimulating, is designed for those who want to have fun.

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