DiabloRL DiabloRL

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And you thought Diablo was difficult? Try this!!

Version: 0.4.5
Licence: Free
Publisher: Kornel Kisielewicz

Game screenshots:


DiabloRL description:

Diablo Diablo-inspired design with portable. As with other games in this genre, the gameplay experience mixing some of the elements most characteristic of a difficult but beautiful game Diablo.
It begins in the town of Tristram from the original Diablo as, say, Diablo. Who is to say what happened in the city close to the main character Deckard Cain came over to talk to the church. Also, you will discover that a poor soldier is deadly injured by a butcher.
When you go in the church, will feel familiar to the concept of gaming. Each level (such as skeletons and zombies), you can find all sorts of enemies, and you can earn money by killing them. Also new equipment, beat levels, find enhance the qualities, and the like.
Diablo, the main difference with the graphical interface, of course. All game elements, text symbols, is represented by, and in this way will need to identify each element. As difficult as the main interface, so you will be able to get everything under control before you’ll have to work the commands.
Diablo portable with a very difficult design, but a great time we challenge these veterans.

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