Derelict Derelict

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A marine squadron against an alien threat!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Earok

Game screenshots:


Derelict description:

Derelict Star Cruiser to save the survivors of a biochemical accident UTS Atlas Space Marine Tactical Control Squadron boarding a first-person action game.
At the same time, whenever you want and you will control with another alternative feature of the members of the Sea Fleet. Each member to one another, for example, never means that you can use to launch grenades while charging, has their own special abilities.
In addition to controlling their troops, the first person that can order fast for men you can view a tactical map of your local area. This team is quickly on the ship, acting without control each member directly helps.
Men will always hit when faced with an enemy, but one may not be able to survive an encounter with a sea creature is dangerous, because you need to be very careful about these situations.
Derelict (both the graphics and the audio is missing), despite the lack of great graphics, a unique gaming experience and offers quite spectacular real-time strategy action game. There’s something between horror and science fiction, and that’s just great.

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