Depths of Peril Depths of Peril

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Fight other factions in this strategy RPG!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Soldak

Game screenshots:

Depths of Peril
Depths of Peril
Depths of Peril

Depths of Peril description:

Like Diablo and the depths of danger and attention with the agreement establishing diplomatic relations, such as real time strategy games where you have to manage your resources is a combination between classic action RPGs.
The Barbarian city of Jorvik, you play the leader of a group tasked with protecting this. Meet with other faction leaders to lead his men to battle, explore new lands and solve other people’s problems. This sometimes means you’re immersed in pure strategy, and at other times surrounded by the enemy to fight, you may find yourself in a dungeon.
Regardless of what they’re doing, there’s always the fun part about this game is a consequence. If an enemy faction if you make it angry, it might be the worst time of the war. But if an ally is not a good idea … definitely too much if you can help you may lose sight of the orcs.
In the depths of danger with an extremely fun and addictive gameplay, unique game. If you hit something, if you are tired of doing the usual ranting, this is a new thing for there is a good chance.

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