Depressurizer Depressurizer

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Organize all your Steam games!

Version: 0.4.4
Licence: Free
Publisher: Depressurizer

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Depressurizer description:

Depressurizer Steam games but I don’t know where to start to organize and categorize them is a useful application for everyone.
So many games on Steam that would be difficult to find the one you want if you have the best thing you can do is use this app. Depressurizer puts an end to the chaos in your Steam account.
Just specify a folder to steam, and the entire archive to access the Steam ID. Once you have the list, create categories to organize the games you have to edit just as you want.
If you want to play the game if you can’t find the Depressurizer may be the solution you’re looking for. Preferences: racing games, action games, first person, etc, according to the game edit. There is no limit.

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