Demon Drum Demon Drum

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Control a demon in this fun platform game!

Licence: Free
Publisher: DigiPen

Game screenshots:

Demon Drum
Demon Drum
Demon Drum

Demon Drum description:

The drums of the devil the mission control platform and promising a friendly demon to the other world of the Lost Souls is a puzzle game. To do this, you must solve different puzzles to use in their own souls.
Some of these souls, for example, by helping Others to fly for a few seconds can help you to reach seemingly inaccessible areas, while new ways to create parts of a level break. For what purpose and for what to use the spirits to know the key to the game.
Technically speaking, there is a very impressive demon drum chart, but the color images posted by other games a lot more attractive and fascinating animated drawings make the majority of DigiPen.
Demon Drums is a fun, fast game play and delicious puzzle and a platform game with the original visuals.

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