Defy Gravity Defy Gravity

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Manipulate the world around you in this space-themed platformer!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Paul Fisch

Game screenshots:

Defy Gravity
Defy Gravity
Defy Gravity

Defy Gravity description:

Gravity defied has the words of its developers, 2D Super Mario Bros, braid, portal, and a mix between.
Defy gravity actually isn’t as good as you’ll see when you start playing these titles. But that’s no fun, or that doesn’t mean it’s a really fun game.
Your goal otherwise unreachable places take a tour that provides access to a vortex that you can use to beat all the levels with the help of a gravity gun.
The graphics of the game are very detailed, pixel-perfect design and space in a beautiful setting complete with.
An ambitious title that defied gravity. Gambling paid if it’s not as good as the most legendary games was the inspiration which, even though it’s an indie game still in excellent Ste.

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