Deadly Sin Deadly Sin

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A classic RPG with magic, monsters, and swords!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Deadly Sin Studios

Game screenshots:

Deadly Sin
Deadly Sin
Deadly Sin

Deadly Sin description:

Great Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Deadly Sins is an RPG similar to the classics. In the Lorelei, a young girl who discovers she is the heir to a powerful empire with a day of humble adventures.
The game is reminiscent of classic games such as Final Fantasy and the Lumia. Actually even though it sounds like an old game, the ability to disable partially automated and more dynamic encounters, turn-based battles thanks to it’s not.
Deadly Sins takes about 30 hours, and it’s just such a delightful character with an anime style design features a professionally recorded soundtrack to this game.
Deadly Sins, is an extremely fun RPG. In time, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, anyone who enjoyed playing Lumia or absolutely love it.

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