Deadly Sin 2 Deadly Sin 2

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The second installment of this brilliant role playing saga!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Deadly Sin Studios

Game screenshots:

Deadly Sin 2
Deadly Sin 2
Deadly Sin 2

Deadly Sin 2 description:

Like the Final Fantasy saga, Deadly Sins 2 has nothing to do with its predecessor. In other words, a completely independent adventure, you will control a new hero.
His name is Les, and this time, a beautiful and delicate woman, is a very good fighter and the purpose is to rescue the kidnapped heir to the throne. To do this, you can count on the help of different friends that will help you during the battle.
Close brushes with death throughout the game tense moments and situations typical of the genre, romantic and fun diversions Live: Adventure thirty hours away.
2 Deadly Sins, in some aspects, even if it isn’t up to par with the first game, it’s still an excellent game as is a fun game that keeps it stable.

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