Dead of Knight Dead of Knight

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The adventure of a dead knight!

Licence: Free
Publisher: TiltTeam

Game screenshots:

Dead of Knight
Dead of Knight
Dead of Knight

Dead of Knight description:

The players dead after being killed the knight, you control a knight in a castle dungeon for life seeking revenge is a 3D action game.
(Especially skeletons, zombies and other undead’) filled with enemies with different levels of play and you will have to finish them all. Luckily, despite a very high price by using them you will have a good range of attack to defend himself.
Your life bar and energy bar are the same Knight of the Dead game an interesting turn. And non-essential, you need to use this energy to use any attack. So we have to be very careful when using special attacks.
Fortunately, the game allows you to grab any enemy attacks drain the life energy and fill you one.
Knight of the dead (with support for resolutions up to 640 x) an independent and free action game that is part of an excellent visual, beautiful and fun to play with an Xbox 360 controller there are a couple of hours.

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