Dead Meets Lead Dead Meets Lead

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Take up your weapons and annihilate those zombies!

Version: 1.1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Keldyn Interactive

Game screenshots:

Dead Meets Lead
Dead Meets Lead
Dead Meets Lead

Dead Meets Lead description:

Zombie killing people and stressful for teenagers funny and beautiful. For third person action game with hordes of zombies dead finish path goal they meet.
Pick up one of the existing weapons to shred them and start as soon as possible. A sword, a giant hammer, pistol, or harquebus, you can use an incredible.
The map for this demo in demo version due to malaria or insects limit – careful because you can die in an interesting way the motion of field while shooting you have to destroy the hordes of zombies you can enjoy the tropical level.
Although it does not feature amazing graphics bullet dead, but killing zombies is funny enough to keep for a long time.

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