Dead Cyborg: Episode 2 Dead Cyborg: Episode 2

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The second installment of an adventure set in an imperfect future!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Endre Barath

Game screenshots:

Dead Cyborg: Episode 2 description:

2 dead Cyborg: Part here the player assumes the role of a character who wakes up in the half first-person graphic adventure-the second installment of it’s not a spaceship, without any memory, or so I know you’re there.
As the game progresses the first person, the three-dimensional a range of settings. Thus (and) try and find objects that will help you progress, and explore all of the scenes.
To search the scene to find clues, collect objects, and using inventory objects you will have to solve tons of puzzles to progress.
In the second installment of the game, the story picks up where left off two hours ago. In order for the player to explore all of the scenes have to continue to figure out how to get you back home.
Dead Cyborg: 2. The episode is an adventure game with a very interesting story, great graphics and at the same time. The most surprising part of the game is the result of a person’s work and effort.

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