DataJack DataJack

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A stealth, theft, murder and hacking adventure!

Version: 1.1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Epic Banana

Game screenshots:


DataJack description:

Starring Jack data of a large company attempting to overthrow the government, the army itself or the highest bidder to get the anarchist cell (one to many) where you control a mercenary that sells a service is a game with isometric graphics set in the near future hidden.
Players have to manage inventory and skills from their base character. From there, just save the game, but also select the tasks that you want to accept. And a lot of different ones you can accept.
Once you have accepted a task, or any way you want it you have to complete. For example, a task can steal data from a computer, and do it secret kill civilians and security guards too… you encounter along the way.
Graphically speaking, the game data is quite similar for the syndicate and the legendary Jack has the same setting and perspective. However (or perhaps because of) the retro aesthetic despite, the game will remain always the best.
DataJack-you won’t be unhappy veteran players in a way that will remind you of the syndicate-playing, role-tips for privacy and perfect action game.

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