Darwinia Darwinia

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Save the Darwinians from extinction!

Version: 1.4
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Introversion

Game screenshots:


Darwinia description:

Probably, Darwinia + graphics extrange because at first glance the main characters are pixeled stick men will be a surprise to see a game. They’re not a couple, but a lot of them, you can check them by creating squads.
Simple graphics and great playability because of that introversion is one of the Independent Games have become famous for. Darwinia + 3D guy by the name of the population of the world, the Darwinians, was infected by a virus, and destroy the viral infection and save the Darwinians from extinction task.
Virus attack squads, then you will collect the souls of Darwinians, you can create a group and the control engineer. to help you destroy the virus to save the planet and the virtual Darwinians who want to hundreds of you’ll have control.
At first, you will be surprised, you’ll be happy and never will be a solution then this you’ll be hooked by the stick men.

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