DarkBlood Online DarkBlood Online

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The wildest, most frantic and most fun online RPG.!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Outspark

Game screenshots:

DarkBlood Online
DarkBlood Online
DarkBlood Online

DarkBlood Online description:

Dark blood, as closely as possible to copy games such as world of Warcraft, unlike other games of this type, is trying to be more like Golden Axe online multiplayer action role-playing game. . . and successful.
This combat system is more precisely controlled by the mouse, and employing a series of keyboard shortcuts assigned for skills and potions, not just from the first moment when you realized that were controlled with the keyboard can be seen. To move the character, and then push a few buttons to movement keys. Only against enemies, but at the same time, such punch combos.
All this what happens when you are in dungeon or battle zone. This NPC tasks you can get to the city, chat with the rest of the human players of the game, buy weapons and equipment from vendors, and ultimately, socialize.
Of course, then socialize when you reach Level 10, two will enter and only one will survive. introverted players battle against Battle Arena (player) for PVP you can challenge another human player. (No levels, skills, or equipment to work with is mostly dependent on personal ability, so the best thing that determines the outcome of this duel will have the reflexes.
The combat system and pays a lot more attention than you are accustomed to offer a lot more direct and pleasant experience DarkBlood online role-different from the rest of the games in the genre. Graphically, she’s still gorgeous and will show dozens of enemies on screen.

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