Dark Salvation Dark Salvation

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A story of demons, evil, and revenge!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Mangled Eye Studios

Game screenshots:

Dark Salvation
Dark Salvation
Dark Salvation

Dark Salvation description:

Dark Salvation Talia, a young girl murdered by Devil Luca fix the family, where you play as a first-person action game. That uses supernatural powers to attack the crystal that Talia possessed by Hell as a result-giving spirit.
The game’s first-person perspective, and other similar games (such as Painkiller, Quake III, etc.) tries to stop the waves of demons you finish you can have access to a huge arsenal of weapons to is played. Also the game has some puzzles that are scattered to give a break from shooting at you.
The setting of the game and the story is divided into dozens of pretty bad which is annoying and a horrible universe, carrying the demon-levels was taken.
Dark Salvation in the way you want to take out hordes of enemies move quickly and who want to keep smooth gameplay with first person shooting action game. Jam packed with blood and adrenaline.

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