Dark Disciples I Dark Disciples I

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The first part of an epic adventure!

Version: 3.4
Licence: Free
Publisher: DodgySoft

Game screenshots:

Dark Disciples I
Dark Disciples I
Dark Disciples I

Dark Disciples I description:

Dark Apostle is an epic story that takes the form of a traditional RPG in a medieval fantasy world.
In the game, the father committed suicide, leaving behind a young man who is a large part of the debt you play. This is the only way to get rid of debt and start your own adventure to leave the city.
Before you begin, you will be confronted with a character of either sex and different problems, you can select different skills and attributes which will determine to a certain extent.
In spite of the Dark Apostle and a traditional RPG based combat system, interact with other characters setting the main focus and solving the puzzles are complicated to talk to.
While physical features are important, so it’s not a sword in your hand, it’s what you do before you draw it.that means
Dark Apostle is a different type of RPG. The graphics are a bit messy, although it’s provides a great story with memorable challenges.

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