Custom Wars Custom Wars

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An open-source version of Advance Wars!

Version: Beta 27
Licence: Free
Publisher: Custom Wars Team

Game screenshots:

Custom Wars
Custom Wars
Custom Wars

Custom Wars description:

Private Wars, The Great Advance Wars franchise, Nintendo’s portable gaming console that receives a lot of custom items for an open source turn-based strategy game.
Since the game against a friend in this version of the game is played sequentially (easy) play on the same computer, or online. Is as easy as selecting the type of setting and your commanders.
The rest of the game is almost the same as the original Nintendo title. There are different types of fighting units good or bad towards others. Each of them has its own advantages when completing specific tasks, infantry, air units, naval units, tanks.
Private wars also create your own maps and comes with a level editor that gives you the option to share full. Easy for a scene (if necessary, the manual describes the controls of the game) you can add anything.
Private Wars, except it is missing a lot of different game modes (Story Mode), play against a friend can be fun a fun turn-based strategy game.

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