Cube Arena Cube Arena

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Minecraft turned into a shooter game!

Version: 1.30
Licence: Free
Publisher: Betamorfosis

Game screenshots:

Cube Arena
Cube Arena
Cube Arena

Cube Arena description:

Cube battle arena games become the main focus of a completely different kind of experience to create a very popular game Minecraft and other role-playing elements that uses a first-person shooter game.
In single player mode (the name you want, and then you can create a world and characters that live the adventure. Your skills in this game mode, which have different properties that you can change all of the objects that a character page there is an inventory to manage.
Game features usually are strewn randomly about the map killing the enemy NPC that implies a number of tasks that can be loaded with Accept. The mechanism of killing is the same as what you would find in any first person shooter.
Besides the single player mode, you can take the cube over the internet to other users of the arena comes with a multiplayer mode. The data required to access the game server can be found on the application’s official website.
With traces of a lot of fun first person shooter game Cube Arena role. The game also includes a tool that allows you to design your own templates to place.

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