Cry of Fear Cry of Fear

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Find answers in the darkness and the fear!

Version: 1.2
Licence: Free
Publisher: Team Psykskallar

Game screenshots:

Cry of Fear
Cry of Fear
Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear description:

Cry of fear doesn’t use any files from either game, a complete transformation of the original Half-Life. Using the ancient and historical motor on a computer that is outside of manages to create one of the best horror stories we can enjoy. It’s completely free (of course the mentioned Half-Life) also, `to be a fashion itâs.
How on Earth our characters know exactly what is going there, too complicated and when he wakes up in a dark alley, cried out of fear adventure begins. Using the conventions of the traditional horror story, this begins in a typical manner, but it will be an extraordinary adventure.
All the action in the game in the first place and continue to discover new threats as we manage to get better weapons and equipment, mobile phone, camera and any weapon except a knife, even though it won’t as the first one is emerging. Against the most dangerous enemies in the game, and you are going to need a good shot because you need them.
A cry of fear it’s quite old-fashioned graphic, but fifteen-year-old motor uses more, this is not bad taking into account that itâ. In any case, thanks to the creatures of the dark setting and design, authentic terror game already produces.
Cry of fear horror since Silent Hill is an exceptional mode of telling a story really good and will give the biggest players a little bit of fear.

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