Crayon Physics Crayon Physics

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Combine Physics and crayons and play this original game!

Version: Release 1
Licence: Free
Publisher: Petri Purho

Game screenshots:

Crayon Physics
Crayon Physics
Crayon Physics

Crayon Physics description:

Located at the end of the screen as Crayon Physics, this star is a true sphere pen drive and draw lines, circles and squares that you will have to use the mouse if it were an original game.
The mouse is the only tool we need to draw lines. Looks like drawn with crayons when you draw these lines.
Account physics and get into the game. I’m going to draw a shape in the air, fall and do not touch the sphere, which is the goal, the yellow star, to arrive at making.
Test the brain and the imagination, draw the lines necessary to propel the ball. The first levels are easy, but at a higher level, you may have a higher difficulty, so prepare your mind, this is more than a game.

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