Crawle Crawle

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The best adventure is to survive!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Sleepy Studio

Game screenshots:


Crawle description:

Crawler every normal human in the woods lost for a long time to play a character who has to cope with all the problems we face to be a ‘dungeon crawler’ and ‘the virtual’ is a mix between.
These issues logically, ensuring the continuity of the hero begins. So, the hero we have to be careful you don’t go hungry and thirsty, plenty of rest, energy saving, and keeps their sanity intact.
A life bar, which is very important for survival, is affected by all the factors that affect health. If you want a chance when faced with the enemy, means that you should start in good physical condition.
Which one of the main strengths of the game is completely dynamic and is set in the crawler world. So, trees may die during the adventure, animal carcasses rot and will continue to be so. Basically, any element can be affected by the player in the game.
The main purpose for survival is a fun crawler role-playing adventure game. A little more than food, and you’ll want to spend a few days on the move.

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