Crasleen: Drums of War Crasleen: Drums of War

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Orcs, knights, and undead face off!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Vlad Konung

Game screenshots:

Crasleen: Drums of War
Crasleen: Drums of War
Crasleen: Drums of War

Crasleen: Drums of War description:

At the cradle of war: the drums based strategy game with a touch of role-conflict from different perspectives in humans, a war between orcs and undead in the game will participate.return
This version of the game available in two of the first campaign, at the head of the Ork army led Tharshan general sets, we will slaughter all of the enemy. Of course, the help of other units, goblin Archers, orcs and many more you can rely on like a pigs ass.
If two campaigns for a player on top of Crasleen: drums of War Two players playing the same game at the same time in order to enjoy the “hotseat” mode. With the aim of finishing all of the units to a another human, the other a move, and then.
Crasleen: drums of war, the graphics part was a bit lacking, although that should please any fan of franchises such as heroes of Might and magic is a fun game that offers a fun strategy role-playing game.

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