Corsix-TH Corsix-TH

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Play Theme Hospital on the newest operating systems!

Version: 0.21
Licence: Free
Publisher: Corsix-TH Development Team

Game screenshots:


Corsix-TH description:

Corsix. theme especially designed to run on modern devices and operating systems in the hospital and a translator.
Properly Corsix-TH to ensure the operation, first an original copy of Theme Hospital, or a demo version available for download on Uptodown. Once downloaded, just takes care of the rest. Corsix filepath is saved and the game shows that.
The rest is the original version (640 x), and some bug fixes support for additional screen resolutions even on modern machines allowing you to play Theme Hospital includes a lot of improvements. He said, as usual, as if paying for the full game instead of demo if you are using you will not be able to enjoy all the features.
Corsix-TH Theme Hospital is an important tool for you to enjoy bright. Just allow it to run on any operating system does, it also greatly enhances the experience.

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