Conquest of Elysium II Conquest of Elysium II

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Turn-based strategy in a world of magic and battles!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Illwinter

Game screenshots:

Conquest of Elysium II
Conquest of Elysium II
Conquest of Elysium II

Conquest of Elysium II description:

Conquest of Elysium II plays a role and can be of different factions available, and guide the other empires of the conquest of heroes Magic, Heroes style turn based strategy game.
The game is definitely played in order, so the first generals to move) (and at the end of the turn, you must resolve to at least engage in the struggle.
War are resolved automatically, without any intervention. Your job is to build an army horse riding archers and a few units will fight for the hero, but after the start of the war, you can’t order any to choose from.
Conquest of Elysium II in the single player mode (for this there are a few scenarios) can be played on though, the most fun mode on the same computer you can play against the other five.
Strategy game conquest of Elysium II is a turn-based. Old-fashioned graphics and has a wavy interface, even though might and magic or King’s bounty.

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