Conquer Online Conquer Online

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Enjoy and fight in a mythical environment!

Licence: Free
Publisher: TQ Digital Entertainment

Game screenshots:

Conquer Online description:

Old Chinese Conquer Online you and your environment determines character. Conquer Online-oriented style of play, this wealth, fame and character development containing common elements of many MMORPGs such as, complete quests, kill creatures as long as it is has more features and I’ll keep the money and the skills will level up and become more powerful, there is an easy battle. Great.
The first thing you should do when playing Conquer Online, gender, and class: Trojan, Warrior, Taoist or Archer, and select the name of your character. Once of the best sceneries ever created for a MMORPG to play MMORPG that takes place in a fantasy I’ll be ready, I did that.
It is definitely worth it to play the online game Conquer. A dynamic game. On holidays and other special occasions, the new limited-time adventures have been developed to keep the game fresh. Although it might seem a little slow at first, it’s very interesting game for hours leveling up your character and complete tasks and when there will be a lot of fun.
Hesitation, if MMORPG a try, it’s completely free I don’t remember.

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