Conclave Conclave

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A board game–inspired RPG for one or several players!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: 10x10 Room

Game screenshots:


Conclave description:

The conclave that you have to create your own character and participate in different adventures and campaigns for one or more players an RPG, solo or with other players online.
At the beginning of the meeting, race, class, gender, and you should choose a name such as hero. Once after creating a character, the adventure begins on the map of the game is moving and can accept different tasks.
Some missions had to be played solo at any time, and Others that collect over the internet, you will need the help of a group of adventurers to defeat if you can fight them without much trouble.
The combat system is very similar to another game that you see in Conclave. For each action in the sequence, such as motion, running, defense, and attacking other basic actions.
When not in battle, meeting adventure the narrative develops in a similar manner. Read the description of what’s happening from a variety of options and choose a course of action.
The extraordinary meeting that is traditional and classic RPG. I’m talking visually, but it’s not super attractive this type of game that will please veterans.

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