ColdRL ColdRL

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Survival is hard in the tundra!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Toipot

Game screenshots:


ColdRL description:

Couldn’t the world€™s the last survivor of an expedition in one of the coldest regions to play a traditional design with portable. To insert the game€™s main goal, at first glance, it’s very simple, in the tundra consists of walking out to 600 yards.
This may sound easy, but it doesn’will ever be. Along the way, ’he will try to kill you when they see you â€Ensonhaber€™ like creatures called the strange, giant spider€Legion“you will find. (And it’s most likely they will be successful in a few rounds.)
To defend yourself with a knife you’ll there’s very little ammo and a 9mm pistol. However, the most important thing is that the odds always against them will be very low from the eyes of the strange creatures in war will stay.
This menschenmacher also, you ’another, more powerful enemies: it will be cold. If you€™don’t keep constant body temperature, hypothermia will die because of it.
You need to carefully think through every move players RPG and RL cold, to a degree, a hidden game. And the Tundra has taken a step in the wrong direction will be the end for you.

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