City Racing City Racing

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Race in illegal racings in big cities with corrupted cops!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Gametop

Game screenshots:

City Racing
City Racing
City Racing

City Racing description:

Buy a car and you’re coming to a new larger city, you need money and earn it the part about the way you will participate in illegal races and win them of course.
I’ll get in the garage, because illegal races chapter races and to see the police, Yes, I’ll be a cop of the screen where the lower left-hand corner take advantage of the Mini, and you if you try to capture try to avoid them if you will earn money and points.
The garage paint, you will be able to tune and upgrade your car in this race which will help you new engines, transmissions or wheels you’re going to buy.
The police are chasing you, faster of your car to the garage in town miss them happening or you will be able to change the color.
You can check by looking at the screenshots, the graphics of the game are really good, the feeling of speed is not as good as we wish them to be, although the sound is very good.
If it is not difficult to use and completely free, have fun and if you want to push the pedal to the metal free car for driving, the city engaged in an election race interesting.

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