Citra Citra

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The best Nintendo 3DS emulator!

Version: 2018-09-19 Nightly Build
Licence: Free
Publisher: Citra Emulator Project

Game screenshots:


Citra description:

Citra rate was 100% for PC Nintendo 3DS emulator that can run commercial games. Also the way Nintendo latest games at modest resolution’ graphics you can improve.
Two emulator at the same time the screen image, but suddenly on the screen at a time can be set by assigning a button to switch between screens if you wish. As far as controls, the controls use the keyboard or external speakers for the show. Also by setting the cursor to the point you want to click directly on the touch-screen controls you can use.
Citra really shines in 2D and 3D, even 3D games can work in a wide variety of games from the Nintendo catalog. Anticipating the coming of even a completely hand console converts the resolution of the games to that point. The sun and the moon like Pokemon games like Zelda between worlds, or: The Legend of Link really looks impressive.
There is a view out Nintendo emulator Citra is probably the best and most advanced. An open source volunteer project that allows you to play handheld games on desktop machines.

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