Chocolatier Chocolatier

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Become a great chocolatier!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Trial
Publisher: Jon Blossom

Game screenshots:


Chocolatier description:

Have you ever wondered how this came you’re eating chocolate? Would you like to learn more about the production of chocolate and production process? You can be a part of this world no longer.
You have to create the biggest chocolate Monopoly game chocolate shops in the entire world. You will learn how to get ahead in the world of chocolate where you start as a rookie in San Francisco.
Luxury chocolatiers, the cocoa fields and giant factories to visit and harvest a plant that can be finished by putting the thing right in the mouth you will learn the process of chocolate making. The ultimate goal is to become rich by making the best chocolate in the world.
If you love chocolate, if the chocolate itself is really addictive as you may end up Chocolaterie, you will enjoy.

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