Caster Caster

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Run, jump and enjoy this amazing 3D action-platform game!

Version: Episode 1
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Elecorn

Game screenshots:


Caster description:

Great action and playability powder resources it’s a surprise because in this third-person action game.
The world has been invaded by creatures Middon Flanx. The ability for novice powder being clan, although I doubt many of them are sent to combat this threat, and thinks that can combat a problem that has such a large size.
They chose not to show that you fail the mission needs. The planet to kill and run, jump, and, of course, are creatures of fire. Each mission have different objectives and to reach them you have to complete these tasks.
Different weapons for different attacks, extreme physical conditions and the power levels of our characters, enjoy… as long as we are Evolute to pass him.
Finally, the free-the 5‚ go ahead and do the first chapter that it is very cheap once you buy it, it will be bought next to all the ones that are about to be released.

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