Castaway Paradise Castaway Paradise

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Life on an island can be really fun!

Version: 2.1856
Licence: Free
Publisher: Stolen Couch Games

Game screenshots:

Castaway Paradise
Castaway Paradise
Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise description:

Castaway Paradise game, because it€™s who land on an island inhabited by talking animals, some obviously very charismatic, a new neighbor where you’ll Animal Crossing was the inspiration. Guess what? New neighbor!
Animal Crossing is really the game€™s similar to. In other words, as soon as I get to the island, the mayor will introduce you to the rest of the owners and you€™a series of simple tasks such as picking up an apple or plant a tree, such will be assigned. As you keep playing, it will be a little more difficult tasks.
Castaway Paradise you can do all kinds of fun things. For example, village decorations, tree planting, and decorative elements of different structures; can be found in dozens of missions and hundreds of characters dress up in different outfits.
Castaway Paradise is a game that everyone can enjoy, which is easy and super fun visuals and a great game. This is the perfect game for me to spend time by playing on Android.

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