Camp 1 Camp 1

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A traditional sci-fi/horror graphic adventure!

Version: 1.15
Licence: Free
Publisher: WaxwingGames

Game screenshots:

Camp 1
Camp 1
Camp 1

Camp 1 description:

Type 1 borrows directly from a camping spot and click graphic adventure game in the 1990s and that appear. As a player, Korski, kim, at the beginning of the adventure, she is packing up to go back home (or asteroid) assume the role of a research expedition on an unknown planet intergalactic pilot.
Soon after the adventure begins, familiarize yourself with the conventional control system of the game after the situation goes wrong. If you really want the house, you will have to use all of your imagination this character realizes.
One of the most important aspects of any graphic adventure, the story and puzzles, and they are both beautiful Camp 1 no. Especially gripping and interesting and the story of the game is enhanced by the oppressive setting. In terms of puzzles, sometimes in a simple way, mostly though it was challenging, but within reason.
1 camping not particularly long mid-length graphic adventure game (), with complex graphics and an interesting story is fascinating.

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