CamGoo CamGoo

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Similar to PlayStation EyeToy, but for PC!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: bhv Software

Game screenshots:


CamGoo description:

If you’re familiar with using a webcam software that allows you to play PlayStation EyeToy if Comgoo, you should try a similar application.
A webcam comgoo: Treasure Island, Beastmaster, Box, Boat, Kam Kong, and keeper fairy gifts by Lap six games and interact with the generated image contains.
The game trap shoot the enemies and the objects that are displayed on your screen is as easy as moving the body.
If you want you can use the keyboard in the game menus, but the player movement with the navigation.
A bright room, we recommend that you use this application with a white background behind you. Comgoo it helps to read this image and right movements.

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