C-Evo C-Evo

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Free empire building game remindig Civilization!

Version: 1.2.0
Licence: GNU
Publisher: C-Evo Team

Game screenshots:


C-Evo description:

The game is a symbol for a lot of players when the corner comes from how we are seeing a lot of similar games in development generally. In this case, the C-Evo is based on the successful civilization.
C-Evo has the same great taste of civilization, but this one is free.
C-Evo your goal is to lead the Empire to evolve to the top of new energy resources, new techniques and communication, exploring etc.
Surrounding you make you stronger and more Empires your empire your way to victory.
Test your strategy skills and check whether it is as good as Napoleon.
Build buildings and factories, new technologies, investing, lead troops into battle, have relations with the other empires.
Good enough graphics to make the gaming experience satisfying.
If I need a strategy game, but spend any money, unless you want to of C-Evo suit your needs perfectly.

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