Bruce Lee II Bruce Lee II

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Bruce Lee's sister has been kidnapped!!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Bruneras

Game screenshots:

Bruce Lee II
Bruce Lee II
Bruce Lee II

Bruce Lee II description:

II Bruce Lee, the legendary Bruce Lee will play like a two-dimensional platform game. Tao-Bao, an evil Chinese villain, he missed his sister, and of course Bruce is not going to sleep.
The Commodore 64 and then the game (and can be downloaded Uptodown) for Windows released for Amstrad CPC, 1984 Bruce Lee Classic – an unofficial sequel to a game.
During the adventure, traps, enemies and other hazards a number of levels filled with Tao-Bao Bruce Lee will be in control of search.
Facing the enemy, while the majority of the adventure, running, climbing and jumping to different scenes spent. And this game is as hard as the original.
For veteran players to enjoy, and Bruce Lee graphics from the options menu you can change the traditional ERP II comes equipped with a C64.
Offering fun retro experience and remain loyal to its predecessor, Bruce Lee II is a two-dimensional platform game.

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