Broken Cave Robot Broken Cave Robot

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Help a poor robot escape from a dungeon!

Licence: Free
Publisher: Matt Thorson

Game screenshots:

Broken Cave Robot
Broken Cave Robot
Broken Cave Robot

Broken Cave Robot description:

Broken Cave Robot is a platform where you control a little robot who’s battery was dying broken. Your goal is to try to cause confusion, but it won’t be easy to do that.
Fortunately, the battery of the robot even though it only takes five minutes, our hero the next time you try to pass the game, using the mouse to draw a map tool that allows you to save the changes.
Broken Cave robot is so designed that it will not end for the first time. Play the game multiple times and, in fact, help you with that ends. For the first time, won’t be no help at all, but the next time you are creating the game refer to the map.
In addition, the first broken Cave robot just allows you to jump, but discover more of the secrets of the cave, climb up walls, or you will acquire skills such as being able to move easily in the water.
Broken Cave Robot is a fun platform game with very original mechanics. It wasn’t the second best game I dare Ludu 15 at the festival for nothing.

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