Broforce Broforce

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A flood of action in 2D!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Free Lives

Game screenshots:


Broforce description:

Broforce will destroy everything and kill everyone who should embark on a series of missions that will control a group of mercenaries 2D action game.
One of the most interesting things about Broforce and, please, enough to start shooting something in the air, the level of the ability level you must destroy all the parts in any way possible.
Although this is designed mainly for the action game, Broforce or mercenary careful because you will end up also poor to pieces to watch you with a group you will find some steps each of the strategic elements.
The best thing about Broforce, the local co-op with a friend to play all the missions in a much more effective way to destroy all the enemies to an ally the ability to allow.
Enough to keep you busy for hours Broforce characters, Enemies, weapons, levels and a lot of fun, bright retro graphics.

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