BreakQuest BreakQuest

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Did you like Arkanoid? Try this one!

Version: 1.2.0
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Nurium

Game screenshots:


BreakQuest description:

If you like to break bricks, you’ll love the crunch of everything. This is a game that will be loved by new lovers.
Years ago, everyone new I like, really simple, but addictive. BreakQuest follows this same rule. Simple and addictive.
But this time, simplicity is not everything. Contains a lot of different features. It’s not a clone, it’s different, but I’m sure you will like it.
BreakQuest (10 different ones) will be able to choose ship, and we’re going to play 100 levels. In each level completely different than before. Includes 9 different weapons and more.
Full physics engine with advanced collisions I feel. This provides a new gaming experience completely in a world shaped freely.
One more step on the path followed and initiated by the new Breakout BreakQuest.
Create your own game mode, the speed of the ball, the ship, brick,etc, by choosing that includes a setup mode that allows you to.
BreakQuest because it may be a weekend getting everything ready for this weekend.

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