Bravada Bravada

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A different approach to role play adventure!

Version: 0.5
Licence: Demo
Publisher: Interbellum

Game screenshots:


Bravada description:

Pravda guides you need to move through a number of touches on the strategy role-playing game, get in your way and collect treasure as much as possible with all the baddies out.
Find a dwarf and a dungeon adventure to collect all the treasure to move is going to have a series of bat that is managed by a reliable. Along the way, find new friends, Level Up, improve their qualifications and achieve a new rank you can achieve.
Developed on grids, Crystal Brava becomes the very strategic action. The most effective formations the character of the place. For example, ideally strong melee characters in front, rear must protect the weak.
Brava graphics are nothing special, but the scenery makes the color style a bit more forgivable poorly designed. Also, the overall look of the game is actually very nice.
Looks like it was designed with touchscreen tablets in mind this is more Pravda, but pretty good on a computer with a keyboard and a mouse that works is a fun game.

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