Borderless Gaming Borderless Gaming

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Take the border off any window in Windows!

Version: 6.5
Licence: Free
Publisher: Codeusa

Game screenshots:

Borderless Gaming
Borderless Gaming
Borderless Gaming

Borderless Gaming description:

The boundaries of open windows is a program that provides a window of unlimited play. This is particularly useful for video games that you can play only in Window mode.
Unlimited game interface is simple: all applications that are open on one side to the other often. All you have to do the unlimited play button on application/select the game. The boundaries of the application window loses and maximize the window.
Unlimited play or a border, make it easier to remove a couple of options, instead of ‘artificial screen’ get tired of playing a game, you can swap quickly back to its original state, allows you to use keyboard shortcuts.
Depending on the game you’re playing endless a quite useful application. Of course, there won’t be any problem with most modern titles, but the old active players for games and free can be quite useful.

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