Bonifire Bonifire

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Help the farmer collect his apples – but don't get burned!!

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Publisher: Birra Games

Game screenshots:


Bonifire description:

While a farmer, who has to collect the apples around the bonfire burned in the Flames is a strange game to play.
The screen shows five apples scattered holes around each of the levels. Moving, standing still or shaky or dangerous, you have to get to each one while avoiding the flames.
The game is simple: the arrow back and forth, or the Escape key to exit the application to go to the keys. You only get one life, so lose it every time one of the most difficult things about this game you have to start from the beginning.
Bonfire classic Manolo Escobar music in MIDI format by ‘Porompompero’ a remarkable sound track, which is the basic and totally free game.
If you’re looking for some entertainment in the form of classic arcade style game, definitely Bonfire should do the trick.

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