Blood Frontier Blood Frontier

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Thrilling First Person action game!

Version: 0.80 Beta 1
Licence: OpenSource
Publisher: Blood Frontier Team

Game screenshots:

Blood Frontier
Blood Frontier
Blood Frontier

Blood Frontier description:

In the near future, humans and machines work are working together and has expanded the domain of the solar system.
However, a biotechnological virus they’ve developed amazing space to cause big problems for people who are connected to the communications network they turned to cannibalism and human death.
Frontier blood, infected bloody and sad chords, which will carry us into a future where we have to fight against an open-source FPS based on the sauerbraten engine show.
Find and eliminate any virus infected with the plague of blood frontier, and we take the role of a machine that is programmed to eliminate.
I have tested it and it is amazing we can say. I like it very much. Fires, weapons and play a lot in a terrible amount of blood. If you play alone the multiplayer mode included the ability to play online with other people or a dozen different maps if you choose.
Finally, commonly different game modes like Deathmatch or capture the flag, but you can find new ones at the same time. – Try them all because the game mode is not important, you’ll get excited when I play.

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