Blades of Avernum Blades of Avernum

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Magic and intrigue in a good adventures game!

Licence: Demo
Publisher: Spiderweb Software

Game screenshots:

Blades of Avernum
Blades of Avernum
Blades of Avernum

Blades of Avernum description:

We will be leading a group of adventurers all around the Empire blades single-player RPG.
Four different adventures in different environments, just four different games leading the same group I like to play. Rack your brains to decide the strategy to demonstrate abilities.
Go to different places and you will have to take a decision that will change the story.
The blades like other classic games, like Baldur’s gate or Fallout. Create characters by customizing them to four, then start the game and will enjoy it.
Trap the old view of the Blades thanks to a job dislike at first sight, but like a story RPG.

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